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21 Things Only Women Who Love Sex Understand


Does just the thought of sex get you hot and bothered? Of course it does—there’s nothing like being intimate with someone that raises your body temperature before you even hit the sheets! Here are some other things you’ll relate to if you're filled with lust and live for pleasure.

1. You’ll easily cancel plans to go out if you’ve got someone sexy to stay in with.

Why go hottie fishing at the bar when you’ve already got a great catch to enjoy at home?

2. You’re as giving and adventurous in the sheets as you are in any relationship.

Bring on the chocolate covered strawberries and strip poker!

3. But if you’re single, you love the freedom of being able to date—and sleep with—whomever you please.

The world is more or less a giant candy store filled with delicious possibilities.

4. You don’t see booty calls as a bad thing. They’re a perfect chance for you to get some late-night TLC.

Nothing wrong with getting that late-night text.

5. But just because you love getting it on doesn’t mean that you’ll have sex with just anyone.

Requirements include: smelling nice, having an actual personality, willingness to share an entire pizza before or after sex, etc.

6. In fact, the entire notion of “being easy” makes you want to roll your eyes to the back of your skull.

You’d rather be sexually liberated than pay attention to any misogynistic ideals that condemn women for living their best lives.

7. You feel so great in lingerie that you make it a point to treat yourself to new sets every once in a while.

Lacy bras, pretty thongs, dainty garters—oh my!

8. But you don’t put too much thought into how you look before sleeping with someone.

You could wear a Winnie the Pooh costume, and it wouldn’t matter. Once those clothes come off, they're staying off.

9. You sometimes wish there was an app that predicted when you’d be having sex again.

Forecast of rising temperatures throughout the day, with a high chance of a rendezvous later on in the evening.

10. But in any case, you’re always prepared to get down and dirty.

You never travel anywhere without condoms, lotion or a pack of breath mints.

11. You strongly believe that foreplay is like seasoning a chicken before cooking it—you need it to make the chicken cook well.

Otherwise things can go from zero to WTF real quick.

12. That’s not to say that you don’t have horror stories that would put Stephen King to shame.

The one hookup that was so bad, you refer to them as “it” instead of their actual name.

13. Of course, you share every detail of every hookup with your BFFs.

If your girls want the scoop, you can’t not dish and tell.

14. You see your gyno so often that they’re practically family at this point.

Even the receptionist recognizes your voice when you call to make an appointment.

15. And you’re not shy at all about being naked.

You’d run through the streets in your birthday suit if you could.

16. Honestly, you get more exercise having sex than you do going to the gym.

You’re moving so fast and shifting into so many positions, it’s like doing yoga and cardio simultaneously.

17. You get horny at the most inappropriate times.

Is it normal to have fantasies about your Caribbean Studies professor from senior year while waiting in line at Chipotle?

18. You wonder about crazy things, like what face you make when you orgasm.

It’s not like you can request a mirror in the moment.

19. And you have so many fantasies that when you finally get your chance to do it, you completely unleash.

Like that one time you channeled your inner Harry Potter geek and screamed “WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA” while climaxing.

20. Also, you either adore Fifty Shades of Grey or despise it.

Read the book, watch the movie—either way, you’ll end up getting hot and bothered, or just seriously…bothered.

21. Overall, sex is something that makes you feel great—about your body and about yourself.

And there’s no better, sexier kind of self-love than that.

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