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17 Adult Skills You Should've Figured Out by Now But Probably Haven't


Even though Google exists, it's still hard out here for a twentysomething trying to get through life. We put off learning stuff moms are amazing at, but it doesn't look like we'll be fully good at taking care of ourselves any time soon. Here are 17 adult skills you might want to pick up…someday. 

1. How to parallel park (without collateral damage)

One of many reasons to get excited for driverless cars.

2. How to jump a car

Wait, you clip the red to the positive and the black to the negative, right?

3. How to change a flat

Step one: fight with an adorable kitten.

4. How to make small talk

Definitely don't start out by revealing your deepest, darkest secrets.

5. How to roast a turkey

I have to stick my hand where?!

6. How to pair wine with food

The oaky notes of this $2 merlot really bring out the greasiness of the Big Mac.

7. How to grill

BBQ sauce can only hide so much.

8. How to start a fire (on purpose)

And we mean without matches or lighters.

9. How to tie a tie

Can you just wear a bowtie?

10. How to fold a fitted sheet

One of life's eternal mysteries.

11. How to sew

I really need to get a cat.

12. How to balance a checkbook

Preach, Chris Colfer! 

13. How to invest in the stock market

Keep being broke?

14. How to make a toast

Significantly more difficult than making toast.

15. How to rent an apartment

On second thought, living with your parents isn't that bad.

16. How to buy a house

Apparently it's not as simple as they make it look on House Hunters.

17. How to make friends

Perhaps the most important skill because friends can help you out with all of the above.

Hang in there, buddy! It's never too late to figure this stuff out.

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