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9 People Who Despise the Whaboom Guy From 'The Bachelorette' As Much As You Do


The new season of The Bachelorette premiered Monday night, and Rachel Lindsay's group of men did not disappoint! After watching her first encounters with the new residents of Bachelor Mansion, it's safe to say she has a lot of work ahead of her to find her one true love. Along with some potential love matches, there were also quite a few…creeps

One of the most notable (and craziest) guys definitely has to be Lucas—better known as the "Whaboom" guy. We aren't the only ones turned off by him either. Let's see what Twitter had to say.

The intro video was enough.

Seriously, how did this happen?

Sad but true.

Same, girl. Same.

Watch out, Rachel!

Not sure who would want to buy one, though.

Even Evan can't handle this guy.

It was a sad moment for everyone.


Lucas might have a great personality under all of those obnoxious "whabooms," but I'm kind of hoping we don't have to find out. Watching him make it through the season would be torture! C'mon, Rachel, do us a favor and send him home to whaboom with his ant farm.

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