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Your Signature Scent, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Perfume can be tricky. It’s hard to trust someone else’s recommendations with your delicate taste, which we totally get. But the perfect signature scent can make you feel extra confident and put together, making it a must-have for an even better getting ready routine. That’s why we let the stars decide your fate, recommending a new signature fragrance for you based on the most prominent qualities of your sign.

Aries: CK Be by Calvin Klein

The Aries girl is warm, exciting, and daring, just like Calvin Klein’s sexy scent, Be ($50, Calvin Klein). Notes of white peach, bergamot and spices give this fragrance extra depth and guarantee that you’ll make a lasting impression—not that you need any help with that.

Taurus: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel Paris

Taurus, you look for a balance between simplicity, sensuality and a little touch of luxury in life. That’s why Coco Mademoiselle ($94, Chanel), a light but luxe scent that pays homage to the young Coco Chanel’s drive to succeed, is perfect for you. The elegant scent will ground you when you’re working hard on the homework grind.

Gemini: Walk on Air by Kate Spade New York

The Gemini girl is known for her intellect; she’s a smooth talker with a curious mind. Walk on Air ($75, Kate Spade New York) is the perfect compliment to your confident personality and its sweet floral undertones will keep you on cloud nine.

Cancer: Aqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani

If you’re a Cancer, you’re loving to those who know you, but to everyone else, you have an air of mystery. Keep ’em guessing with Aqua di Gioa ($70, Giorgio Armani). This summery scent flirts with your senses using floral notes over sandalwood and a touch of mint.

Leo: Eau des Sens by diptyque paris

A Leo is a leader; you’re proud, confident, and eager to stand out. Eau des Sens ($90, dyptique paris) has a little je ne sais quoi that will help you do just that. Orange blossom and juniper are warm and deep, just like you!

Virgo: White Jasmine & Mint Cologne by Jo Malone

A Virgo girl can be picked out from a mile away—her devotion to practicality and impeccably high standards is apparent. With this divine White Jasmine & Mint Cologne ($65, Jo Malone), you won’t have to sacrifice either! The light, fresh scent is appropriate for any occasion, making it incredibly versatile.

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Libra: Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Diplomatic and graceful, a Libra is charming, but by no means a pushover. With notes of grapefruit, musk and cedarwood, Daisy ($75, Marc Jacobs) is sophisticated, elegant, and practically made for you.

Scorpio: Sì by Giorgio Armani

There’s more than meets the eye with the Scorpio girl—a lot more. You’re passionate, contemplative, and wiser than you are old. Balance your youth and maturity with Sì ($92, Giorgio Armani). Delicate floral nectar notes give way to smoldering amber wood, complimenting your nature perfectly.

Sagittarius: Clinique Happy by Clinique

Sagittarius, more often than not you have your head in the clouds, but that’s not a bad thing! You tend to be an idealist and an optimist, naturally making Clinique Happy ($50, Clinique) your ideal go-to scent. Its blend of citrus and floral notes are so uplifting, it’ll naturally make you smile a little bit more whenever you wear it.

Capricorn: Burberry Brit by Burberry

Capricorn has the “can’t stop, won’t stop” personality that makes Capricorn girls go-getters and incredibly hard workers. Burberry Brit ($80, Burberry) has a no-nonsense base of warm amber, complimented by sweet almonds and peony. This perfect balance makes Burberry Brit impossible not to be enamored with, like you.

Aquarius: Candy l’Eau by Prada

Aquarius, you’re a true intellectual; you’re outspoken and entirely your own person. No one forgets an Aquarius girl, kind of like you’ll never forget Candy l’Eau ($74, Sephora). With rich, indulgent notes of caramel and white musk, you can know for certain that you’ll be remembered when wearing this perfume.

Pisces: Love Story by Chloé

The Pisces girl is ruled by emotion, intuition and most importantly, imagination. Your compassion and radiance make Love Story ($75, Sephora) your natural signature scent. Jasmine and orange flower oil are the heart of this perfume, giving it an air of joy and freshness. This echoes the way you make others feel, so be prepared for them to notice a little something more about you when you wear it.

If you trust the stars to tell your beauty horoscope, the possibilities are endless!

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