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16 Responsibilities You Don't Have to Worry About During Summer Break


After pushing through finals and saying goodbye to the end of another academic year, summer break is what everyone is looking forward to. It's not just because it's almost three months long and you have the opportunity to sleep all week while still having time to spend the next three weeks or so in Ibiza. No, summer break also means relinquishing any concept of stress or worry that haunted you all year, like these 16 awful responsibilities.


Forget papers, assignments and applications. They don’t exist anymore!

2. Calculating when to go to bed so you don't die the next day

Why does getting four hours of sleep seem like the norm?

3. Actually having to get dressed

4. Prioritizing anything over your Netflix time

Binge time is sacred. 

5. Trying to make it to class on time

6. Putting at least a little makeup on so it doesn't look like you were rushing to class

7. Managing your weekly coffee budget

Give me all the Starbucks!

8. Responsibly shopping only for what you need online

Say hello to hours treating yourself at the mall.

9. Not lying to your professor about why your homework is late

There's no professor to lie to during ~summer~.

10. Budgeting your grocery money

Who needs a budget when my mom will buy everything for me?

11. Having to settle for dining hall food

Your heart really wanted takeout.

12. Paying for your own Netflix and Hulu

Bless parents that have cable. 

13. Interacting with people on the phone

"Mom, could you call and make my doctor's appointment for me?"

14. Waking up early

15. Doing your laundry

It is a pretty hard job.

16. Exercising

The stairs in your house totally count during summer!

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