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17 Signs You're Ready to Get TF Out of College


Graduation brings about a variety of different feelings. Some good, some bad—some being straight up grateful. Seriously, graduation can't come soon enough. 

1. You're tired of being broke af.

2. You start to lose the motivation to complete assignments.

3. And you procrastinate for even longer periods of time.

4. To the point at which you start turning things in past the deadline.

5. And even making some of your assignments optional.

6. You're SO over the crazy fees your school always seems to find a way to charge you.

7. Like for books.

8. And the raise in tuition every year.

9. And to breathe.

10. You realize you'll never have to write a paper again.

11. Or pull an all-nighter.

12. Drinking is no longer fun for you.

13. It's actually a necessity in some cases.

14. But your body is somehow becoming less tolerant of your drinking habits.

15. You roll your eyes every time you see a group of prospective freshmen being given a campus tour.

16. The mere thought of graduation has you feeling like.

17. And you're finally ready to use all four (or more) years worth of your education in the real world.

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