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17 References Only Southern California Girls Get


If you’re a SoCal girl, you know there’s a lot more to your home than just L.A. or going to the beach. Southern California has its own unique culture and even more unique language. These 17 references will make you go, “Same.”

1. It takes 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

Southern California is the only place in the world where it takes an hour to drive three miles.

2. It’s freezing.

Because 70 degrees is actually freezing for us.

3. Can I get fries, animal style?

In-N-Out is easily our main food group.

4. Stoked

Stoked is our word for excited. We’re just so stoked on everything all the time.

5. California burrito

How do we make a burrito extra Californian? Stuff it with fries of course.

6. There’s a Sigalert on the northbound 405.

Basically this means stay the hell away from the 405 unless you want to be stuck there for eight hours.

7. Marine layer

A nice way to say there's a layer of pollution in the air today.

8. Swap meet

This is what you would call a “flea market.”

9. Like

We, like, literally include “like” in all our sentences.

10. Dude

You will be referred to as a “dude” regularly. Don't try to fight it.

11. The industry

If someone refers to how their parent or friend works in “the industry,” they’re definitely talking about the entertainment business.

12. I’m going to be a few minutes late.

From Santa Barbara to San Diego, you can’t make it anywhere on time with this traffic.

13. Overheard LA

Even if you don’t live in L.A., this Instagram account perfectly captures what SoCal people are like.

14. Can I get avocado on that?

Avocado is our miracle fruit. You’re not a Californian until you can eat avocado with every food item and enjoy it.

15. Let's take a trip to Disneyland! 

You visit The Mouse every year on your family vacation.

16. PCH

It's honestly the only road you’ll ever be okay getting stuck on. That view, though.

17. The

This is the biggest distinguishing factor between whether you’re from SoCal or NorCal.

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