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7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Ramen


Ramen noodles have a special place in every college student’s heart. Whether it’s your go-to drunk food or cheapest meal of the week, ramen has surely proven its importance to you at one time or another. This salty dish definitely isn’t the most nutritious — and after a while it can taste pretty bland — but that’s why we’re excited to share some easy ways to spice up your meal!

1. Add lime, garlic powder & sour cream

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but Chelsea Jackson, a junior at Iowa State University says it’s a must. “I am obsessed with adding lime, garlic powder and sour cream to my chicken flavored ramen,” she says. “Granted, I also add lime to pretty much everything. But I feel like adding sour cream to any chicken-flavored soup makes it very filling and comforting.” Comfort and flavor all in one? Yes, please.

2. Toss in some vegetables

Why not add a touch of health to your noodles? Make it stir fry style without the broth or add pre-cooked veggies directly into your soup dish. Some common additions are kale, cabbage, scallions, snow peas or even chopped peppers! Here’s a recipe for inspiration.

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3. Add buffalo sauce

Ashley Brooks, a senior at Emmanuel College, says this is a great idea for spicy food lovers. “At first I was told to put buffalo sauce in my ramen when I was sick to help clear up my sinuses,” she says. “I ended up enjoying it so much though that I still add it casually and highly recommend it. You can also use sriracha or tabasco sauce!”

4. Add bacon and eggs

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Add cooked bacon and hard-boiled eggs to your ramen to make it suitable for any meal. Check out this recipe!

5. Make your own broth

“I revamp my ramen by only using the noodles and then making my own broth,” says Holly Zeppieri, a student at Lesley University. “My favorite type of dish includes sesame oil, soy sauce, chicken broth, garlic and onions, mushrooms, and I always top it off with a hard-boiled egg!” There are endless types of broth to make in substitution for the flavor packet provided. Here’s one recipe that does just that!

6. Sprinkle some cheese on it

The heat of the ramen will almost instantly melt the cheese, giving it a creamy flavor once you mix it in. This is definitely an easy way to add flavor, especially if you try out different types to find your favorite. Plus, who doesn’t love cheese? Try this easy recipe!

7. Add peanut butter

A spoonful of peanut butter is an equally loved snack like ramen, so why not combine the two? The nutty flavor will feel like Asian cuisine, especially if you add sesame seeds as well. Try it out for yourself by following this recipe.

We hope you give these ramen hacks a try! Your friends will surely be asking you to cook dinner for them from now on if you do. Enjoy!

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