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15 Signs You're the Advice Giver of Your Friend Group


Everyone needs that friend they can turn to when there's a bump in the road. If you're the friend who people ask to text their crush for them, consult before making a new class schedule or even just run outfits by, you’re officially your squad’s advice giver.

We’re sure that these moments below are all too familiar for you. The life of an advice giver is never dull.

1. You have some friends that only pop up when they need help with something

Of course you don’t mind giving them advice, but it would be nice to hang out with them without evaluating their latest crisis.

2. It pains you if a friend from home has a problem and you physically can’t be there for them

Sure, you can text her to share your opinion, but it’s not the same as sitting with her and having an actual conversation about what’s bothering her.

3. You feel bad about asking friends for advice, even though they definitely owe you for all the help you’ve given them

The perpetual advice giver feels uncomfortable when it’s her turn to ask for help, but there should be no shame in occasionally needing advice yourself!

4. You’ve yet to experience half of the issues your friends ask about, but still manage to deliver amazing guidance

Thanks for teaching us everything we know, TV and books!

5. Your texts have speech bubbles that stretch for miles long because you basically write novels of advice to friends

What would we do without modern technology?

6. You find yourself recommending self-help books or celebrity memoirs to your neediest friends

If some wise words from Amy Poehler or Tina Fey can’t solve your problems, I don’t know what will.

7. You need to have a phone charger handy in case your friend texts asking for help

You better believe this counseling session via text is going to be lengthy.

8. If someone keeps asking about the same problem over time, you just feel like a helpless, broken record

You may be good at giving advice, but there definitely comes a time when motivating your BFF about her love life can sound a little old.

9. You feel a little snubbed when you find out that a friend has been talking to someone else about that longtime conflict of theirs

Am I secretly relieved that I get a bit of a break from advice? Yes. Does that change the fact that you’ve picked someone else’s opinion over mine? No.

10. Sometimes your friends use your own advice against you

The one time you may screw up, your friends are there reminding you when you told them not to do that certain thing that you ended up doing yourself.

11. You look at people like Dr. Phil and totally think you can do what they do

Who says you need a degree to give people professional advice?

12. You feel a little guilty if someone takes your advice and it doesn’t go so well

Excuse me while I go hide until this mess blows over.

13. Giving good advice doesn’t make you immune to mistakes, no matter what people think

No, I am not a fortune teller in addition to a great advice giver—any bad stuff that comes out of taking my advice is on you.

14. You wonder if there will ever be a day when people won’t ask you for advice

Will that be the day that all of your friends magically become grown-ups?

15. Deep down, you hope that day will never arrive

What do you mean no one wants my opinion anymore?       

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