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46 Things Only Constantly Hungry People Will Understand

Is your stomach a hole that never seems to fill up? If you're are always hungry and have a literal passion for food (and eating everything you can get your hands on), being full is a foreign concept. Here are 46 struggles only super hungry people will understand. Have no shame in your eating habits! 


1. The struggle of being hungry before bed, but being too lazy to get up.

2. When you wake up in the morning, you’re hungry like you’ve never eaten before. 

3. People asking you where you can possibly put all that food.
4. Or surprisingly asking, "you're eating again!?" 
5. You would rather spend your money on food instead of more important things like gas or paying rent on time.
6. Your fave TV channel is the Food Network.
7. You carry a snack at all times.

8. You dread the moment when someone asks you for a bite of your food because you don't want to be rude and say no. 

9. Your emotions include "hungry,""really hungry" and "hangry" 

10. Waiting for food at a restaurant is complete and utter agony.

11. You die a little inside when you see the waiter bring out food, only to walk past you to serve it to another table.

12. You never get to post those yummy food pics on Insta because by the time you remember to snap a photo, you've already inhaled your plate. 

13. The hour before lunch is the longest hour of your life.

14. Grocery shopping is the worst. You want it ALL! 

15. Watching movies isn't possible without food.

16. You've cuddled your food at least once before. 

17. You literally count the hours ’til your next meal.

18. You know all the food places in your area, even the ones you've yet to go to. 

19. You open your cabinet and fridge door every five minutes, hoping something new has magically appeared.

20. You offer people food to be polite, but secretly wish you won’t be taken up on it.

21. You don't understand the people who can never finish a meal. 

22. There has never been a time where you've said 'no' to food. 

23. Food seems to always solve all of your problems. 

24. You are NOT a picky eater. There's no way that would work.

25. It doesn't matter if you just finished working out—if you're craving a Big Mac, you're gonna go get one. 

26. One minute you're complaining about getting fat or that you're way too full, but 20 minutes later you're back at it looking for a snack. 

27. Hanging out with your friends always involves food. 

28. You never pass up free samples. 

29. You plan your dinner as you're eating lunch. 

30. There's nothing better than being served free bread or biscuits. 

31. You don’t like nice fancy restaurants because the portions are too small.

32. Sometimes you eat while grocery shopping. 

33. You crave lunch and dinner foods for breakfast. 

34. You're known for smuggling food into the theatre, or worse, completely breaking the bank by buying food there.

35. You want to be financially responsible and cook your meals, but who are we kidding, right? 

36. You get bribed with food. 

37. You're open to trying new foods.

38. Whenever you pack a lunch, it's gone before lunch time rolls around. 

39. Before attending an event you always ask if food will be provided. 

40. Once the thought of a specific food has been planted in your head, you need to eat it.

41. You often find yourself just chillin' in front of the fridge. 

42. You eat more than three times a day. 

43. You think about other food while eating food. 

44. You're physically incapable of going on a diet. 

45. You have no idea what going on a diet even means. 

46. You brush your teeth to stop you from eating. 

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