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What You Should Wear to Graduation, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Your big day is almost here. Or maybe it’s a semester or two away, but you’re a perfectionist so you’re already planning for it. Regardless, your graduation day is on the horizon. Although all the stress of studying for finals and finishing class assignments is drawing to close, you’re just beginning to worry about what you’re going to wear under your graduation gown. Luckily, your horoscope can help you figure about what you should wear to graduation.

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Capricorns are innately responsible and serious individuals. Because you're an Earth sign, you typically aren’t attracted to material items, which can makes your fashion sense very eco-friendly, but you still have realistic plans about your style budget. You’ll likely be wearing a flowy dress from the H&M Conscious Collection. Being the environmentally-friendly fashionista that you are, you also probably have a fascination for floral designs.


You’re an independent spirit, though others might dub you stubborn. But you’re definitely just independent. Regardless, your independence is a part of your best and worst qualities. Because you love diligently planning, you love working, as the professional world is very organized. Naturally, your career is also what inspired your professional style. Likely, you will rock an elegant fit-and-flare dress with capped sleeves to graduation. Thankfully if you have a dress malfunction, you can easily mend it. After all, you’re a quick thinker, who is very resourceful


Not only are you an artistic person, you’re also a romantic at heart. Whether or not you’d like to admit it is completely up to you. However, your fashion mirrors your personality seamlessly. Your romantic persona will be represented in ruffles on a dress and gentle colors, from pastels to an array of reds. However, your artistic side can be seen with an intricate pattern or embossed design on your dress.


Aries are incredibly tenacious and confident people, so it makes sense that you live to wear comfortable clothes. Quite frankly, you don’t give a damn if anyone cares either, because you feel and look comfy. That’s all that matters. On graduation day, you’ll be found in a relaxed-fit shift dress and some flats to match. They’ll probably be slip-on too.


You’re addicted to neutral tones and intriguing textures, which is why you’ll feel most comfortable rocking a tan or gray dress with some sequin focal points. While others might find your stubborn nature bothersome, your stubbornness is what allowed you to pick the perfect graduation dress without second-guessing your decision. Ultimately, your obstinacy is what will make you incredibly confident in your graduation dress.


Geminis are extremely expressive people, who are also very inquisitive which is presumably why you love making creative and bold fashion statements. You can be seen expressing your artistry with vibrant colors and vivid patterns, such as a striped dress with some elegant statement accessories. Ultimately, your obstinacy is what will make you incredibly confident in your dress.


Cancers are sensitive individuals who love to embrace ladylike fashion. From silks, satins and everything shimmery, you have a fondness for soft styles rather than sultry outfits. Because you like everything that shines, you will likely indulge in a velvet shift dress, which has subtle sheen, or a wearing an eye-catching metallic dress to graduation.


Leos are super stubborn, crazy creative and somehow also especially lazy. Being a Leo myself, I love any type of unique fashion and anything that might draw attention to myself. After all, Leos enjoy practicing self-love by wearing clothes that highlight their best features, which makes vibrant patterns and peplum dresses a Leo’s best friend.


Virgos are uber-critical of all of their life decisions, and their style isn’t an exception. While you love neutral hues, you love to combine your earthy color choices with an accent color. Because you love planning ahead, you are drawn to clothes with intricate details, such as lace embellishments. Although you adore colorful dresses, you love pairing a bright bottom with a tan, gray or beige top.


Libras thrive off of the company of others. You can be on your own, but you’d love receiving feedback from your friends and family, which is why you probably brought a couple of your friends along when you were trying on dresses. However, you also love anything trendy and new. Let’s face it, you’ve already found an off the shoulder dress in the most flattering shade of yellow.


While you adore looking feminine, you also love edgy style staples like leather and tulle-embellishments. Because you’re a Scorpio, you have a reputation of being overtly sexual, but you just love your risky style choices. However, your bold fashion choices can range from showcasing a dress with multiple patterns or prints to wearing studded stilettos.


Two words: easygoing fashion. You love opulent style choices, but you also like being relaxed, which is why a skater dress made from a comfortable fabric would be perfect for your graduation day. You'll likely pick a dress with the softest fabric, so you won't mind being stuck in it during a lengthy graduation ceremony. Plus, you might even compliment your dress with some leggings.

Even if you don’t follow your horoscopes religiously (or at all), your zodiac sign can help you find your perfect graduation day outfit with minimal hassle. With how stress graduation day is, who wouldn’t want to reduce some anxiety? While you can tailor your graduation outfit to your specific astrological-themed personality traits, you can rely on your sign for far more than just your daily horoscope. It's too bad your zodiac sign can't actually help you answer those annoying questions about what you're going to do after graduation. 

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