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15 Signs You're the Best at Everything & You Know It


Some people (aka you) are really good at everything, plain and simple. You do the best at every new thing you try, and this natural-born gift is too amazing for you to even feel guilty about. You simply succeed in every area of your life, and you flaunt it. Sorry, not sorry at all. 

1. You love giving advice. 

Even if your friends don't ask for your opinion, you always give it anyway because you obviously know what the right thing to do is. 

2. People might say you think too highly of yourself. 

You just know your worth—there's nothing wrong with a little confidence!

3. If you see someone doing something incorrectly, you have to step in. 

You can't just let people run around ruining their lives. It's for their own good!

4. You don't trust other people during group projects.  

Yeah, it might be easier if you let your team help you work on the group project, but then it would turn out horrible, so you just finish the whole thing yourself. 

5. When someone asks what your skills are, you have to think of something to say other than "everything."

The skills section on your resume basically takes up the entire page. 

6. You love hearing, "You were right."

Which happens all the time because you're always right. 

7. You frequently get into arguments about who is the best at something. 

Even though it's so obvious that it's you. 

8. You love helping people. 

You're just so good at things, it's difficult to not jump in and help those less fortunate than you.

9. You never relate when people talk about what they struggle with. 

"Struggle" isn't even in your vocab.

10. You never ask other people for advice. 

They always try to give it to you unsolicited, but you both know you don't want it. 

11. You're always down to try new things because chances are, you're going to be great at them. 

Ethnic cooking? Bowling league? Crazy hard makeup technique? Video games? Yeah, you're the best at all of them. 

12. People always pick you to be on their team. 

Only idiots would pass you up to be on their trivia team.

13. You always know the perfect thing to say. 

It just comes with the territory of being the best. 

14. Everyone wants to know how you do it.

Idk, you were just born this awesome. 

15. You never let yourself get discouraged when you don't succeed. 

Because you know that believing you're the best is the only way to be the best!

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