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17 Things Only Fanfiction Readers Will Understand


Fanfiction: living in the archives of our Tumblr page, it opens up doors in the stories you love for things the author never dreamed of. From Draco Malfoy's romance with an apple to crazy tales from District 9, the world of fanfic is ever expanding. Your parents probably don't understand. Your friends might not understand. But you do. You even fic, bro?

1. You live for your OTP.

2. And will fight to defend it.

3. Every new book/movie is an opportunity for new fanfiction.

4. You are simultaneously proud of your fandom...

5. ...And embarrassed of your dedication to it.

6. You’ve read the best of fanfics,

7. The worst of fanfics,

8. And some you’d rather not even discuss.

9. Your fandom is your community.

10. People who don’t read fic just don’t get it.

11. You can’t stand trolls.

12. Most of your friends IRL don’t know about your fandom.

13. Most of your fandom friends don’t know about you IRL.

14. You refuse to let Fifty Shades represent the Fanfic community.

15. You read fic,

16. Love fic,

17. And are proud of it!

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