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15 Reasons Every Girl Should Travel Solo


Despite the beautiful views and boast-worthy memories a female solo traveler may expect to encounter when traveling alone, traveling solo, especially as a woman, has a daunting connotation. Critics of solo travel bring up safety concerns, language barriers, cultural inequities as reasons not to make the move on your own, but the truth is successful solo travel is worth the adversities. When a woman travels, particularly alone, she is making a statement, one that says that she refuses to be associated with the stereotype of women as fragile and insecure. She is opening herself up to new experiences and opportunities—she doesn’t travel to escape life, but she travels so life doesn’t escape her.

1. Because life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Trying to navigate a metro in French or order food in Mandarin may not be something you’ve ever done before, and doing it alone may not seem like the ideal way to spend a vacation. However, putting yourself in a foreign environment, and doing it alone, is not only a confidence booster, but an eye-opening experience that reminds you there are so many people in the world with such varied lifestyles from your own. A truly humbling experience.

2. Because it scares you a little

Admit it. The thought of wandering a foreign city where you know nobody, especially if you’re unfamiliar with local customs, can be a terrifying move, but that’s okay. As women, we often overthink and overplan instead of just letting the universe run its course. But when we travel, it's impossible to plan the small things, which is good, because it allows us to be a little scared of the unknown and nudge us out of our comfort zones.

3. Because you’re forced to make friends

Solo travel may seem like a very lonely endeavor, but in reality it gives you the opportunity to make friends with fellow travelers and locals alike. While women may be apprehensive to do this, there are many ways to meet other like-minded women in your travels, especially through travel group meetups (such as communities like Magpie) who are willing to show you around and tell you the best places to eat and sight-see.

4. Because you’ll gain street smarts

There is no doubt wandering a foreign city at night, especially alone, will teach you a thing or two.

5. Because it forces you to be decisive

Traveling is a game of decisions. Where to go, where to stay, what to do, what to eat—for the indecisive girl who is looking for adventure, solo travel can be a life-changing experience.

6. Because it’ll give you self-validation

Nothing is more badass than coming back from a trip knowing that you did it all by yourself.

7. Because you’ll learn to appreciate the little things

Like air-conditioning, or free bathrooms. Yes, I’m serious.

8. Because you may literally get lost, but you’ll figuratively find yourself

Somehow in between misplacing your map and being unable to translate directions, you’ll realize this unparalleled experience has left you changed from before you boarded the plane. Travel brings you challenges and opportunities and lets you discover who you are in only a way such an experience could do.

9. Because you get to take advantage of travel Tinder, the best type of Tinder

Travel Tinder: AKA downloading Tinder while you’re traveling to meet fellow travelers, cute locals, temporary love interests or new friends who you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. Best thing about using travel Tinder? You don’t have to feel guilty about ditching your friends to meet up with your Tinder dates.

10. Because you'll get to experience being your own boss

When you travel solo, you're the creator of your own itinerary, and you're the only person who gets to tell you what to do. 

11. Because you’ll eat and drink what you want with little to no guilt

Let's be real, dieting while traveling is pretty much non-existent. On the bright side, you’ll be running, walking, and hiking too much to really feel bad about it.

12. Because you’ll learn the value of being alone

Being alone and feeling lonely are two completely different things. Learning how to spend quality time with yourself is a huge factor in your own self-worth, and solo travel forces you to do just that.

13. Because you’ll let go of your petty troubles

Trust me, you won’t care that he didn’t text you back when you’re in Iceland getting a picture-perfect view of the Northern Lights.

14. Because the patriarchy tells you that you shouldn’t

The patriarchal society we operate in today fails to view women as spontaneous risk takers, but rather as fragile beings. When a woman travels alone, she shows the world that she is able to break out of her comfort zone to take initiative in engaging in new experiences—take that, patriarchy.

15. Because you’ll truly learn to differentiate an adventure and a vacation

At the end of the day, it's not about the color-block bikinis and pineapple drinks, its about the lessons learned and memories made.

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