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19 Desperate Times in College You Had to Rally


It’s Friday night. It’s been a long, stressful week of exams and group projects, and you’ve been dreaming about crawling back into bed since the moment you woke up, but your friends have a different plan. The night is young, the bars are calling and you have to use every ounce of energy you have left to get ready for a good time. We’ve all been there—and these other 19 desperate times in college we had to rally. 

1. Your best friend’s birthday

Especially when it's the big 2-1.

2. The night after day drinking

This day will be the death of me.

3. Tailgate time

Gametime is calling.

4. When you have visitors

Gotta show the guests a good time!

5. When you have no legitimate excuses

I have a very important date... with Netflix.

6. Parents' weekend

Can't miss out on a chance to get Mom and Dad drunk.

7. When your friends aren’t taking no for an answer

Ugh, but guys I can't.

8. When it's perfect weather

Sun's out, rum's out. 

9. When bae is going out

Baby, Ima be your motivation.

10. When you’re newly single

Feelin' some free drinks.

11. When the FOMO is real

I can't risk it.

12. When you don’t have much time left

Live while you're young.

13. When $1 drinks are involved

Turning down a deal like that should be illegal. 

14. When the party is at your place

Places to be, people to see, drinks to drink.

15. When there’s something to celebrate

Like when you shower before noon.

16. Sylly week

Because what else is there to do?

17. When your friends’ Snap stories are lit

Don't have any more fun until I get there!

18. When you return from break

Time to make up for lost times!

19. When you realize you only live once 

College doesn't last forever.

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