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21 Things Only Twins Understand


Being a twin comes with its ups, downs and fair share of crazy moments that nobody else could ever understand. If you thought being a twin always sounded really cool, you're right—it's amazing. 

1. Getting asked "Are you related?" as if it isn't obvious

2. Constantly having your names messed up 

3. Her friends are your friends, and your friends are her friends

4. You've tried to switch places in class at least once 

5. You miss each other after a (really) short time apart

6. But when you are apart, you can always talk to her about your problems any time of the day and she will listen 

7. She's your built-in friend to always hang out with

8. You two are a package deal when it comes to invites

9. When someone tells you a secret, they are really telling you and your twin

10. Fights end extremely fast because you can't go that long without talking 

11. Random people will say "hi" to you because they've got the wrong twin

12. "Which one of you is older?" is the question you're asked most

13. And you quickly get treated like a spot-the-difference game

14. Sharing everything wasn't an option, it was a way of life 

15. Even fashion was shared in that stage when your parents made you match

16. Since you look the same, people always assume you have the same exact personality and interests

17. Sometimes a look is all it takes to know what the other is thinking or feeling

18. People automatically assume you’re identical and if you’re fraternal, the doctors must have been wrong

19. Nobody has more inside jokes than you two

20. And you have an automatic best friend you’ve known literally your entire life

21. Which means you have the strongest bond life could ever give to anyone and you absolutely love it

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