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15 Things Only Girls with Cool Moms Understand


Your mom's the one who always has unhealthy snacks and alcohol in the house. She knows more about your life than most of your friends, and she's an honorary member of your friend group. That's when you know you've got a COOL MOM! 

1. Your friends feel just as comfortable around your mom as they do around you. 

Your mom probably knows who slept where this weekend, and she probably gave your friends advice about the situation. 

2. Your mom is sometimes a bad influence.

She may or may not have encouraged you to engage in risky behavior in the past, but that's all part of her cool mom vibe. 

3. Your mom listens to Top 40 radio stations. 

If your mom made you listen to NPR, she is definitely NOT a cool mom, and you're probably not very cool either…just kidding. There is something so carefree about a middle-aged woman who doesn't flinch at the lyrics to "Side to Side."  

4. Your mom can dance like a teenager. 

Apologies to Jimmy and Michelle, but their dance moves are dead giveaways that they are not Cool Moms™. 

5. Your mom spills tea like it's nobody's business. 

She's as well-versed in the word on the cul-de-sac as she is in what's happening in the halls of the local high school. And she's got an opinion on ALL of it. 

6. Your dad has had to drag your mom home from graduation parties, neighborhood get-togethers, baptisms…

Your parents are #RelationshipGoals…if your #RelationshipGoal is to always have a designated driver who ushers you home before you can say something really embarrassing to anyone other than him. 

7. You could easily go on spring break with your mom and have more fun than if you'd gone with your friends. 

Much like the Real Housewives, trips with your mom usually include top-shelf liquor and shocking confessions. 

8. Your mom is always down for fast food or takeout. 

If you ask your mom, "Can we get McDonald's on the way home?" and her response is, "We have food at home," then you do not have a Cool Mom. 

9. While watching Gilmore Girls, Lorelai reminds you of your mom. 

It takes a true Cool Mom to give off Lorelai Gilmore vibes. Congratulations, you found a good one. 

10. She usually uses slang correctly.

Maybe "bae" or "shook" gave her some trouble, but for the most part, her vocab is pretty woke. 

11. She's sex-positive, to say the least. 

She supports all your ~conquests~ but always makes sure you're safe by scheduling your appointments with your gynecologists or renewing your birth control prescription for you. 

12. She looooooves to take selfies. 

Doesn't matter if you're in them or not, the selfie is happening either way. And it will be posted on Facebook. 

13. Your mom's still got game.

She's aged like a fine wine and insists on letting every waiter, bartender and store clerk know that. 

14. She totally nails sarcastic sass. 

Even though dry humor is more of a millennial thing, your mom is adapting well to shade culture. 

15. She's loyal AF.

You know she will always have your back, and she's the first and most important member in your girl gang. 

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