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17 Ways Growing Up With Brothers Changes You For Life


Brothers are the ultimate hypocrisy—who else could be so f*cking annoying, mean, bossy, rude and aggressive while also being protective, funny, charismatic, outgoing and lovable? If you were raised with brothers, you know just how amazing (and annoying) these humans are. If you weren't, well, that sucks! Read below for the 17 ways growing up with brothers changes a girls life... forever:

You realize girls aren't the only ones who hog the bathroom

*Bangs on bathroom door* "Let's GOIT'SMYTURN!!!"

You can easily point out when a girl is being batshit crazy

And you thank God you had brothers to humble you...

You can't get enough of oversized sweats

No matter how much of a fashionista you are. 

You'll always have a little tomboy inside of you

Video games and cartoons have a special place in your heart. 

You probably loved playing outside when you were little

Did anyone else play with worms and other bugs?

You understand sports a little better than the average lady

Hey, it's what you were surrounded by!

You learned the meaning of the word 'protective'

Older or younger, your brothers always had your back.

You know the difference between honest and harsh

Because your brothers were probably really f*cking harsh sometimes... assholes.

You don't take people's bullshit

Even the nicest sister has a little sass.

You've definitely used boys' deodorant

And honestly, you may think it works...better?

You understand the bonds of sibling-hood

Even though you've ratted each other out too many f*cking times to count. 

You probably know how to beat someone up

But you're way too sweet to ever do such a thing.

It's almost impossible to trick you

Because your brothers have already tricked you every way imaginable.

You feel more comfortable hanging with the guys

Cause it's what you know, duh!

You can pig the f*ck out

Your brothers taught you well.

You've had to warn your friends that your brothers are off limits

Seriously, y'all. It's creepy and annoying to think about.

You will never love anyone more

Even though you also hate them, a lot.

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