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21 Signs You & Your BFF Are A Little Too Comfortable With Each Other


No matter how picture perfect your friendship looks from the outside, we all have moments shared only with our day ones. After you know someone for so long you drop the formalities and things can get pretty out of hand.

Boundaries? Not in here. Here is a list of 21 signs that you and your bestie are WAY to comfy with one another.

1. FaceTiming each other from the shower or bathroom is a regular occurrence

2. You tell her about everything that happens to you on an hourly basis

3. Her name in your phone comes up as the same annoying one she typed into it when you met in middle school

4. Which leads to some very confused looks when she calls and other people read her contact name as “KATIE MY SEXY BITCH”

5. Being naked around each other is second nature

6. Personal space has no meaning

7. You have an assumed cuddling position

8. Which makes it inconvenient when you have to accommodate a third person during a Netflix sesh.

9. So inconvenient that you wish that person would just leave so you and your BFF could be comfortable

10. You don't think twice when asking her if "that's what it's supposed to look like?"

11. You just KNOW when she’s about to drunkenly throw up or she’s just being a big baby

12. You have had to bathe her before when she was too drunk to do it herself

13. You are the first to volunteer to pull trigger for her so she can rally and finish the night

14. People often find themselves questioning whether you and your BFF may be more than just friends

15. You opt to wait for the handicap stall to accommodate both you and your bestie even if normal stalls are open

16. Your periods are in sync

17. Which means so are your irrational mood swings

18. Your their emergency contact for everything

19. Like Annie and Lillian, you can communicate with only a look

20. And even if that look may look like this:

21. You know that on the inside your friendship makes you feel like this:

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