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15 Reasons Why Jughead Is Far Superior to Archie on 'Riverdale'


If you’ve been keeping up with the all-too-addicting CW series Riverdale, then you may have unexpectedly grown attached to Jughead like I have over the course of the first season. Although Archie is the lead of the series and the gorgeous high schooler that has it all, his best friend has been the main guy to unknowingly steal most of my attention. Here are the reasons why I think Jughead is the real star of the show!

1. He takes his (very daunting) problems in stride 

2. He's incredibly loyal 

3. He's far better suited for Betty 

4. He's fiercely independent 

5. His hat is an adorable staple to his character 

6. It's an added bonus that he's very good looking 

7. He has a darker sense of humor 

8. He goes out of his way to discover the truth 

9. He's a dedicated writer 

10. He stands up for what he believes in 

11. He has a love for food and frequents Pop's more than any other character 

12. He sees people for who they really are 

13. He isn't naive

Example: He knows better than to have an affair with his teacher.

14. He's caring and comforting 

15. He's played by Cole Sprouse (need I say more?) 

Forever the best guy on Riverdale. Love you, Juggie!

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