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17 Signs You & Your BFF Are Basically The Same Person


You and your bestie share everything, from your closets to your deepest secrets. You're so close that you've kind of started to morph into the same person. Here are some signs that you've found your actual soulmate.

1. When you go somewhere* without her, people ask you where she is and if she's okay

*That is, if you go somewhere without her.

2. People use your names interchangeably

You spend so much time together that you've started to look alike.

3. You dressed up as the twin emoji for Halloween

Because you're #basic.

4. Speaking of which, you two can communicate using exclusively emojis

Words are totally overrated anyway.

5. She knows all of your passwords

6. You've already sworn to be each other's maids of honor

Until then, you'll settle for recreating that scene ^

7. She knows which of your 23 crushes you're referring to even when you don't mention their name

You: Ugh, he took 2 days to answer again.

BFF: Kyle? Literally I can't.

^ BTW if this is you, please do yourself a favor and walk away from this doucheface.

8. She knows when you're on your period

Because chances are, she is too.

9. You've talked about growing old together

You've already got the moves down.

10. She orders for you at Starbucks/the bar

Nonfat caramel latte, no drizzle, and rum and Coke. Obv.

11. You're happier than she is when something awesome happens to her

Whether she got into grad school or ran 2 miles after an injury, you're posting on social media about how proud you are.

12. She's the Blair to your Serena, the Meredith to your Cristina, and the Kendall to your Gigi

Without her you are lost and confused.

13. Half of the clothes in her closet are actually yours

And vice-versa.

14. She brings you "get well" survival kits whether you're sick, heartbroken or just hungover

15. You always do the same pose for pictures

You know each other's good side, and hers happens to be the opposite of yours. Now the question remains: hugging pic or hand on hip?

16. She tags you in 3 comments on Insta every day

"@you lololol this is so us"

17. Nobody else ~gets~ you like she does

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