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15 Ways Disney Princesses Were Bad Influences On Us


While Disney is making rapid progress with their princesses, many of the originals we grew up with have been subtly influencing us in a multitude of unrealistic ways. Even though the princesses also have their amazing qualities and kickass moments, there is no denying that these ladies haven’t always set the perfect path for girls.

1. They upheld impossible beauty standards 

2. They reinforced gender roles


3. Whenever they acted brave or independent, it ended in trouble

4. They needed a man to save them from the trouble they ended up in

5. Despite being teenagers, their bodies were often objectified

6. They gave us unrealistic expectations of how love works

7. They showed us no matter what men do to hurt us, we must look past that for "true love"

Beast imprisoning Belle, Aladdin lying to Jasmine, Eric only wanting Ariel if she's human. I could go on.

8. Their relationships were based off of love at first sight, which sent the message that love wouldn't have happened if the princesses weren't beautiful 

9. They always wore dresses…even in impractical situations

10. If a character wasn't a princess but an unattractive or elderly woman, she was depicted as a villian

11. Giving up family, who you are or what you like for a man was seen as acceptable

12. A simple kiss was often made to be the most important part of the movie

When in real life, there is so much more that matters.

13. Most of the classic princesses were white

Or race representation was handled both inaccurately and stereotypically.

14. Happily ever after was always with a man, even if finding love wasn't the princess's main goal

15. They were the women we had to look up to, and they set some pretty crazy standards

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