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Chrissy Teigen's 12 Best Style Moments Ever


Chrissy Teigen's style game is undebatably perfect. She has her go-to street style, sticking to many basic, comfortable pieces. Teigen knows what looks best on her, and doesn't let the trends of the month distract her. However, for red carpet events, she tends to take more risks, diving head-first into her personal style.

These looks will give you some serious style inspiration, and may even encourage you to work on your signature look.

1. Dressed-Up Plaid 

I love how Teigen uses a sleek coat, booties and some mirrored shades to take this comfy-looking plaid from loungewear to streetwear.

2. Hamptons Babe 

This all-white ensemble just screams "vacation." The matching leather belt and shoes help to make the outfit more mature and put-together.

3. Going Out Goddess 

Teigen opted for these fun sparkly pants instead of a traditional dress or skirt for a fun (and probably more comfortable!) going out look.

4. Casual Sunday 

I don’t know what I want more… this adorable denim romper or the puppy!

5. Bootsfor Days 

Teigen demonstrates that the quickest way to dress up a casual summer look of denim shorts and a tank top is with a pair of statement tall boots!

6. A+ Maternity Style 

This velvet pink duster coats gives the classic nude bodycon dress a unique feel.

7. Fun With Shapes

Teigen demonstrates that when wearing pants with a loose shape, it's best to pair them with a tight top to balance your figure.

8. Airport Chic

OMG… it is possible to look amazing and still be comfortable at the airport. Who knew? These celebs did, but, like, I didn't.

9. Perfect in Prints 

Teigen is anything but basic in this printed coat, which she pairs with a classic white dress and strappy nude heels to make quite the statement.

10. Red Carpet-Ready 

Is this a top? A coat? Both? I'll probably never know, but I love it anyway.

11. Model Behavior 

All I can say is that I hope I look that good when I’m a mom.

12. Cali Dream 

This outfit makes me wish that summer (and summer fashion!) could come even sooner!

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