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17 Things That Always Happen During Darty Season, Without Fail


We couldn't be happier that darty season in full swing. After all, who doesn't love having fun in the sunshine with their friends all day? Although drinking beer and listening to live music seems rather straight forward, there are other things that always happen during darty season. We've decided to lay them out for you:

1. You look forward to Saturday all week.

2. You already have the perfect outfit planned out.

3. Despite planning ahead, someone always wakes up too hungover.

4. You frantically run to the grocery store to pick up items for brunch (mimosas included, of course).

5. Only half your squad is awake in time to start drinking early.

6. Your attempt to be classy is ruined by taking shots before noon.

7. You have one friend who's in charge of calling a sober driver.

8. Once you're finally ready to go and the ride gets there, you pile in like it's a clown car.

9. One of your friends is drunkenly hitting on the driver, of course.

10. You get there and immediately locate the keg.

11. The next few hours are spent in a drunk, happy haze.

12. An attempt to ride the mechanical bull ends poorly.

13. You lose at least one of your friends.

14. You find your lost friend on stage with the band.

15. You start to realize that the last meal you had isn't holding you over anymore.

16. So naturally, you stumble into the nearest dining hall for some drunchies.

17. Despite every best effort, at least one of your friends isn't going to make it out that night.

Enjoy darty season and be safe, collegiettes!

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