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16 Reasons Why the Women of 'Gossip Girl' Are Badass AF


Hear me out. So Gossip Girl is known as a show about rich Upper East Side teenagers who skate through life attending preppy schools, engaging in underage drinking and hooking up with each others' exes. It may not seem that progressive, but in their classy society, the women stick up for themselves and their futures. The girls of GG are more than just gossipy fashionistas. They're actually badass and powerful AF, and here's why.

1. They have high expectations for their girlfriends

2. The women stick up for one another

3. At its core, the show is really all about female friendship

Serena and Blair forever.

4. The women command respect

5. While the men barely play the game

6. They celebrate "me time" all the time

Spontaneous trip to Paris, anyone?

7. These are the most independent 18-year-olds you'll ever meet

Even though they're still obsessed with finding a man.

8. The women can hold their own against everyone

9. Nobody can force Lily to do anything

10. They straight-up hold all the cards

Revenge and plots galore. 

11. Let's face it, we care more about Blair and Serena than any of the guys

Boi bye!

12. Blair holds Chuck together

Honestly, he'd be a mess without her.

13. They aspire to attend Ivy League schools

Oh, and they actually get in.

14. They are not passive

They make things happen for themselves.

15. The show depicts women in business

16. Dan had to pretend to be a woman to move up in society

*mic drop*

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