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16 Struggles Only Girls Dating Guys With Beards Understand


When you're dating a guy with a beard, the scruffy look can be super sexy. That being said, there are also some very real struggles that come with the territory. A beard can make all the difference especially if you've only dated clean-shaved guys in the past. 

1. There's always hair in the sink

2. He takes longer in the shower than you do

3. He likes to get creative

4. It tickles when you make out

5. There's always a tipping point between him looking really sexy and, well, looking super ratchet

tv television celebs beard beards

6. He's super proud of it

7. Him growing out his beard means he'll soon be growing out a man bun too

8. He loves the mirror

9. He uses your brush to comb it

10. Making out also means getting hair in your mouth

11. Everyone loves it and are forever complimenting him on it

12. You can't remember what he used to look like

13. You find yourself always wanting to pet him

14. He looks older and you look younger

15. When it gets wet its feel disgusting

16. Other girls are forever drooling over him

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