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15 Reasons Why You Wish 'Gossip Girl' Had Never Ended


Gossip Girl may have had its season finale nearly five years ago, but that doesn't mean it has left our hearts. Honestly, this drama-packed show ruined us for all other TV, and these are 15 reasons we wish it never ended. RIP GG.

1. You miss the fashion


2. You don't get to see Chuck Bass every week 

No explanation needed.

3. You miss Lily van der Woodsen's constant drama

Drama for the mama.

4. You want to taste all that NYC has to offer

Without actually being there.

5. You need a Dorota in your life

She was the only one who could burn Blair.

6. You hate how you will never get to see mini Chuck Bass grow up

He's so adorable!

7. You hate to admit it, but you kind of adored Georgina 

At least the girl never had a dull moment.

8. You feel serious FOMO about missing out on the rest of Serena's life

Love, drama, fashion? What about me?!

9. You need a follow-up on Blair's prince ex-husband

What happened to Louis?

10. You can't let go of Chace Crawford in all his glory as Nate Archibald 

How could we ever forget?

11. You still want to understand how Dan was Gossip Girl that whole time

Some things aren't adding up.

12. Wondering where Jenny went keeps you up at night

Where IS Little J?

13. You need more Eleanor Waldorf and Cyrus

Forget Chuck and Blair! This is GG's most perfect couple.

14. Five years and counting is way too long to go without Gossip Girl


15. You'll die if there's never a reunion special

"You know you love me."


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