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Today in Kylie Jenner Drama, People Are Accusing Her of Copying Another Brand's Designs


People are not having it with Kylie's new merch in The Kylie Jenner Shop

She sells items like a "Thick!" sports set, bomber jackets with her signature lip logo and even a Hidden Hills duffle bag. But her second pop-up shop opened in NYC this week and people quickly realized of her newest items – her flame sweats – are copied from the indie store Cake Asia. See for yourself:


Black Flames Crew Neck Set #Vday

A post shared by Official Kylie Jenner Shop (@thekylieshop) on

Pretty similar, huh?

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner even got the same model, rapper Offset, to pose in both outfits. AND she seems to have blocked Instagram users from being able to comment @cake_asia on her account. When you try to tag the store, you get a "Comment Blocked" notification. Seems awfully fishy, Kylie.

People on Twitter were pretty salty about Kylie ripping off a smaller brand.

A few others sort of came to Kylie's defense...

Kylie Jenner new line, Thrasher and Cake Asia all look the same plus they sell this fire lookin design stuff at Forever 21

— KidJumper (@felicia_kid) February 11, 2017

Regardless, people don't seem to care enough about Kylie the copycat to ~not~ buy her merch. In fact, her flame sweats are already sold out. I can't wait to see what clothes Kylie releases in the future, but let's just hope they're actually original.

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