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13 Signs You're the Malia Obama of Your Friend Group


As the former president’s daughter, Malia Obama has been one of the most watched teenagers over the past eight years, yet we seem to know so little about her. But from what we do know, she’s basically one of us! Here are 13 signs you’re the Malia of your friend group and you're totally meant to be in the Obama family!

1. You’re the biggest dog lover you’ve ever known

The Obamas have the adorable Bo and Sunny!

2. You love to travel

3. If you’re not already bilingual, you’re definitely working on it

Malia is fluent in both English and Spanish.

4. You’re totally into fashion

5. You don’t let people get into your head

Haters gonna hate, amirite?

6. You’re always down to have a good time

7. Your girls mean more to you than boys ever will

So they say, she hasn't started dating yet!

8. Working in Hollywood would be your dream

Malia worked as an intern on the set of Girls with Lena Dunham and has an interest in filmmaking.

9. You're into sports 

10. You embrace the fact that you’re a daddy’s girl

11. You’re not shy and love being in front of the camera

12. You’re not afraid of trying new things

She's just like you and me, except she's had an international internship. 

13. You like to stand up for what you believe in

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