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6 Low Maintenance Haircuts for the Chic, Lazy Girl


It’s a universal truth that all of us collegiettes are always looking for a way to sleep in longer and take less time to get ready in the morning. Unfortunately, figuring out what to do with our hair and then actually doing it can take up so much time! But we’re here to change that with some ideas for low maintenance haircuts that will allow you to sleep in longer and worry less about how to style your hair once you actually do get up. They’re chic af, too, so in the words or Hannah Montana, you really can have “the best of both worlds.” 

1. The Lob

This is easily the top low-maintenance haircut of the moment. Celebs from Khloe Kardashian to JLaw have rocked this super easy cut. It’s the perfect cut if you want medium-length hair that air-dries into a messy-chic look or can be styled quickly with a straightener or a few loose curls from a curling iron. Caroline Pirozzolo, a junior at UNC Chapel Hill, says “I have a long bob and I love it. It’s extremely low maintenance, but also very feminine and chic, which I love. I have naturally wavy hair, and all I do in the morning is put a little bit of Bumble and Bumble’s BB Texture Crème in my hair, scrunch it to enhance my hair’s natural texture, and air dry. It’s great for girls with naturally wavy or voluminous hair because your waves won’t look out of control or poufy like they sometimes can when you have longer hair.”  Sounds like a lob could be the way to go, unless you want something with virtually zero maintenance, then you should go with…

2. Pixie cut

A pixie cut can be intimidating if you’ve never gone that short before, but it’s super low maintenance. Like pretty much no maintenance actually, Taylor Cunningham, a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia says. It can be a little bit shocking at first, though. Taylor says that she "cried because it was a little shocking, but I really liked it at first and then wished it was shorter.” With a pixie, you can style it with some product or you can just roll out of bed and go. Once a month, or so, it’ll probably need some trimming, but you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to style your hair anymore with this look. Its effortless-chic vibe is ideal for the lazy girl.

3. Long bangs

Bangs are an easy way to add a little something extra to your hair. But some bangs can require a lot of maintenance. Claire Biggerstaff, a sophomore at Davidson College says “In my experience, longer bangs are definitely less of a hassle. With short bangs, you have to worry about cowlicks, weird textures, and oh gosh, any kind of breeze messes them up!” Long bangs are way simpler to care for though because they don’t require trims as often. They’re also a great way to test drive bangs if you don’t want to jump right into full-on bangs. Claire says “Mine require zero maintenance, but if you’re trying to keep a certain shape or length, you’ll have to trim them every month or so. The nice thing about bangs is that you can easily learn to cut/shape them yourself. All in all, they’re very low-key and compliment a lot of hairstyles very well.” So what are you waiting for?

4. Swing bob

This haircut is not only fun to wear but super easy to manage. Sarah Abeyta, a hairstylist at Three C’s salon in St. Louis, recommends it because “it is flattering on almost everyone and [is] easy-to-style.” A swing bob can also be short or medium-length, depending on what you want, so it’s versatile and pretty. What more could you want?

5. Peek-a-boo colored bob

For the girl who wants something a little extra, a bob or lob with a hidden color (or colors) underneath is a fun and easy way to rock a trend. The bob or lob haircut will keep your hair at a low-maintenance length, while the color will give you major #hairgoals without having to do any extra work in your day-to-day styling. Abeyta says to keep the color intact will require recoloring it every four to six weeks, but she says “The good news is [the colors] usually fade pretty.”

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6. Undercut

If you want something edgy that’s not going to require high-maintenance styling every day, then the undercut is definitely for you. It works on pretty much any hair length and can take even the most low-key ponytail or bun to the next level by literally just being there. The only maintenance on it is going to be trimming it if you want to keep it for a while. Otherwise, you can just let it grow out and not even worry about it!

Hair should be something that you can feel good about, not something you feel burdened by, so don’t let it! Now’s the time to switch it up and go for a no-stress, more rest haircut that will have you feeling relaxed and confident. 

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