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21 Reasons Why You Don't Have a Valentine


Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the most magical day of your year. In fact, you should do you and spend your night binge-watching Netflix, grabbing dinner with friends or catching up on classwork. No date? No problem. Here are 21 reasons why you don't have a date on Valentine's Day. 

1. Your relationship is with food

2. You girlfriends are your life

3. I guess it could have something to do with this

4. There's no time for dates when you have a love affair with reality TV

5. The Bachelor gives you too high of expectations

6. It's definitely not because of your optimism

7. This might be a factor

8. Valentine's Day is too mushy for you

9. You're too good for them

10. "Hey, don't rush me!"

11. You forced yourself to lay off dating for a while

12. Social skills sometimes evade you

13. You're holding out for your celeb crush

14. One word: workaholic

15. Ain't nobody got time to find a date

16. You have standards

17. It's SO not a real holiday

18. Uhh because why bother if you can never top the Obamas' relationship

19. Hey, it's your choice

20. And we all need a little me time

21. Who needs a Valentine to have fun?!

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