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15 Things You Should Know About Dating a New Jersey Girl


Dating, especially in college, can mean getting to know people from different parts of the country. While you and your SO may go to college in California, one of you may be from Minnesota and the other from New Jersey. This is why it is important to keep in mind that all girls are different, especially if they are from different states. Here are 15 things you'll want to know about dating a Jersey girl.

1. Family is the most important thing to us.

2. So be prepared for an extra amount of grilling.

3. We say some words differently than you might.

It's OR-ange, not AR-ange. Party might become perty.

4. We will drag you to every restaurant we see as "a classic" and will be offended if you do not eat every single thing on your plate.

5. We will also bring you to the shore, to demonstrate how different it is from Jersey Shore.

Except when we show you the gas station where we saw the Situation in a Lambo one time. 

6. We will point out every historical fact that we can think of that may not actually be that significant.

Here is the canon from the Battle of Monmouth.

7. And regale our personal experience with Hurricane Sandy.

Here's the tree that fell down, and that's where the roller coaster was in the ocean.

8. When we talk about "the city," it's New York City—the only city of relevance.

9. And we will bring you on a personal tour of our city, even if you don't live in a state that far away.

10. We will fight to the death to defend that New Jersey bagels are better than New York bagels.

11. We need to drive everywhere, always.

We are better equipped to deal with road rage and are simply better drivers than any other state.

12. We are also more confident because we drive on Route 18 and the Turnpike on a regular basis.

And "the parkway" is the Garden State Parkway. 

13. Take us on a midnight diner adventure, and we will love you forever.

14. WaWa is not just a convenience store. 

15. Most importantly, if you pump our gas, we will marry you. 

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