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15 Things You Do to Eff Up Your Life on a Daily Basis


We all have bad habits, but some really screw up our vision of how the day is supposed to go. AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTS. These 15 things eff up your day like nobody's business. 

1. Procrastinating

Breaking out in a cold sweat 20 minutes before a paper is due or taking an hour to get one paragraph done? Same.

2. Adding to “the pile” 

You know the pile. Not quite clean, not quite dirty…just getting wrinkly on your floor.  

3. Hitting snooze

When have you ever had a good morning after hitting snooze? Never? Me neither. Just get up, you know you should. 

4. Biting your nails

Short nubs are a sign that you have some unresolved anxiety and you're taking it out on your own fingers. 

5. Scrolling on Instagram 

Just gonna catch up on some memes while I have some spare time. Wait. I've been watching 30-second makeup tutorials for an hour. WTF.  

6. Drinking 

Sure, alcohol may be classified as a depressant, but it sure doesn't feel like that when you drink it! Until you're alone in an Uber talking about your ex and how he ruined you for all men. 

7. Being hungover

Alcohol's magic runs out at 8 a.m., and then suddenly all the lights are too bright and your roommate speaking to you is too loud and you're too nauseous to wear anything other than your loosest pair of sweatpants. 

8. Online shopping

*tries to save money* **sees ASOS is having a sale** ***blows $50 on going out shirts that you will not be able to wear once you graduate from college***

9. Sleeping with makeup on

Look how much fun Amy is having taking off her makeup… This could be you!  

10. Slouching

Setting yourself up to be a shriveled old lady with a hunchback. 

11. Frowning at strangers 

Lucille Bluth is frightening and judgmental. Slap a pleasant smile on your face to avoid RBF (Resting Bluth Face). 

12. Putting dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher

This dog can do it, and he doesn't even have thumbs. Save yourself the bullshit line about "letting it soak" and just put it right into the dishwasher. 

13. Netflixing too hard

I understand Shameless is just beginning to explore Mickey and Ian's relationship, but you have work to do. Treat yo self to their beautiful love story as a reward after! 

14. Attempting winged eyeliner 

You and I both know that this will waste 30 minutes of your day and approximately 500 makeup wipes. Set aside an hour for this, or cut it from your routine. 

15. Rolling out of bed before class

Sure, you're on time, but you forgot your book and a pencil. Wake up at least 20 minutes before so your room doesn't look like a tornado whipped through it every morning and your stomach doesn't growl during class because you skipped breakfast. 

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