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17 Signs You Know Absolutely Nothing About Makeup


You know that stage people went through in middle school where their makeup routine consisted of swiping on eyeshadow and lipstick? Yeah, you somehow never passed that phase.

1. You have no idea why the makeup section is so huge

How do people choose between all of this foundation?

2. You're amazed when you see people who normally wear makeup without their makeup

Since you don't wear makeup, you don't really notice if other people are wearing makeup. 

3. You don't know how to use the majority of products

Lipstick is pretty straightforward, but what is lip liner?

4. Your makeup routine consists of putting on a simple lipstick only

Putting effort into your appearance means spending five seconds putting red lipstick on.

5. You have no idea what this contouring thing is

And why are people so obsessed with eyebrows?

6. YouTube tutorials don't make sense to you

These videos should have prerequisites or something.

7. You stand off to the side when your friends drag you into a makeup store

Your friends can find you in the corner with the awkward boyfriends.

8. By the way, how is there enough makeup to fill an entire store?

Seriously, this is madness.

9. Getting ready to go out takes you about 15 minutes tops

Sure, you look the same as always, but at least you're efficient.

10. You admire people who are good at applying makeup

It's a skill you don't have.

11. But you don't ask them how they do it

12. You know these skills are beyond your comprehension

13. When you're approached by a sales clerk, you have no idea what to tell them

No, you haven't tried the new MAC lip kit. You haven't even tried mascara.

14. Your makeup skills haven't progressed since middle school

The middle school dance is your makeup inspiration.

15. You have nothing to contribute to conversations about makeup

Nope, nothing.

16. You actually save a lot of time and money

Your wallet approves.

17. You don't need any "natural look" makeup tutorials

Natural look? Psh, you already rock that every day.

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