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14 Quick DIY Projects You Can Do This Weekend


DIY crafts are not only super easy, but they can be fun, too. Your weekend is about to be packed with easy projects that are perfect for your everyday needs. Skip a weekend of laying in bed; you have to try these DIYs instead!

1. Button Thumb Tacks

No need to go out to the store and buy boring thumb tacks for your corkboard. These cute button thumb tacks via Inspired By Charm are a perfect way to spice up your plain corkboard.

2. Triangle Prism Necklace

The Merry Thought has the perfect tutorial for this prism necklace that is sure to please.

3. Geometric Cut-Out Tee

Adding a little dimension to your plain T-shirt has never been so easy. Buzzfeed shows you exactly how to make a cut-out shirt that is perfect to wear on a night out.

4. No Sew Pocket Tee

If you're not into cut-outs, Oh The Lovely Thing has you covered. The best thing about this DIY? No needle or thread necessary to achieve this look.

5. Metallic Duck Tape Candles

Candles add a relaxing touch to any bedroom. These metallic candles from Something Turquoise should fit in quite nicely with any dorm decor.

6. Ten Minute Vase

These vases would look so adorable with a nice flower or two inside, right? The Crafted Life gives step-by-step instructions for these vases, which could hold anything from flowers to pens.

7. Leather Hair Clips

Leather + bows? We're smitten. A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make these awesome hair clips that are ideal for your everyday look.

8. Hello Pillow

The Shabby Creek Cottage can easily help you achieve this classic decor DIY. Say hello to the perfect throw pillow for your bed!

9. Sharpie Mug

The Sharpie mug is a strong trend that's not showing any signs of slowing down. Follow the instructions provided by A Beautiful Mess for inspiration.

10. Lip Balm

Lip balm is a daily necessity—especially in the cold winter months. And there's nothing better than your own freshly made lip balm. In Habitat has easy instructions so you can make your own.

11. Bath Salts

Who doesn't love taking a nice, warm bath? These bath salts from On The Green Path are going to be the perfect addition to your next soothing bath.

12. Cork Boards

Corkboards are a dorm room necessity. Simplyem’s corkboard tutorial—using actual wine corks—is genius!

13. String Art

Who doesn't like fun wall art? Let Honey and Fitz make this dream DIY a reality.

14. Flower Lights

Transform your basic Christmas lights into cute flower lights with a little help from Oh Happy Day. Your room will soon be looking like The Secret Garden.


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