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15 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Left You Shook


Grey's Anatomy is the best part of pretty much any Thursday night. For the past 13(!) seasons, we've been there while the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital went through ups and downs and figured out their lives. Basically, Shonda Rhimes wants to destroy lives and make us cry at least once during every episode, and she does a great job of turning our emotions upside down completely. If you watch Shonda's other shows, you know that she doesn't play with your emotions nearly as much as she does on Grey's. Here are 15 times that Grey's had you shook. 

1. Cristina and Owen's entire relationship

They loved each other, they're both damaged and then they both hurt each other. We just want to see them both happy, Shonda! 

2. Watching Richard lose another love to Alzheimer's

Are you kidding me? 

3. When Addison showed up

Derek! Was! Married!

4. Watching Calzona's relationship spiral downward

I love them both! I can't pick a side! Callie used to dance in her underwear! 

5. Izzy's entire plot line

Marries Denny, and he dies. Gets cancer. Gets pity-married to Alex. Her whole thing is so sad. 

6. The shooting in the hospital

Are you kidding me, Shonda? Haven't we been through enough? 

7. Oh, and there was a plane crash!

Killed two of our favorite characters, and took Arizona's leg, which ruined Calzona's relationship. As if my heart can handle this. 

8. George dying

He wrote 007 in Meredith's hand, and our whole world collapsed. 

9. Derek died

My heart will not be going on. 

10. Miranda struggling with her OCD

Everyone was so mean to her about this? She was so scared. 

11. Remember when there was a bomb in some guy's chest that exploded right after Meredith was holding it?

How/why did this happen? 

12. Or when Meredith was drowning for a very long time but somehow Derek managed to drive there and save her in time? 

Again, how/why did this happen? 

13. April and Matthew, April and Jackson, April and God

April's plot line is a roller coaster. 

14. Lexi and Mark Sloan

And Meredith's inability to accept and love sisters!

15. Amelia Shepherd

All she does is push everyone away and then wonder why no one likes her/wants to be close to her. We know you lost Derek, but so did everyone else. 

All we can do is wonder how Shonda is gonna mess up our lives next. 

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