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15 Reasons Why You Wish the Obamas Would Adopt You


Politics have been a heated topic recently, but let's not forget that we're about to lose Barack Obama and his beautiful family! Whether or not you voted for him or approved of all of his policies, you cannot deny that the Obama family was one of the classiest, most gracious and overall coolest families to reside in the White House. Here are just 15 of the reasons you'd love it if they adopted you.

1. You would get two sisters in Malia and Sasha.

2. Maybe the Obama smart gene would rub off on you.

Harvard, anyone?

3. You’d get to refer to yourself as part of the First Family.

First Adopted Daughter? ADOTUS?

4. You’d have complete and total access to Michelle’s wardrobe…

5. …and her shoe collection.

6. The President and First Lady would make sure that all of your assignments were completed on time.

If Sasha had to miss her dad’s farewell address to study, you would have no excuse.

7. Barack would serenade you on your birthday.

And it would actually sound really good.

8. You would of course get to pet the Obama family dogs, Bo and Sunny.

9. You would be in tip-top shape with Michelle’s call for healthy eating and exercise.

10. You would probably be dancing half the time.

11. You would meet stars on the regular, like Beyoncé or Oprah.

12. You would get to meet and continually fall in love with VP Joe Biden.

13. You would constantly be reminded that:

14. And Obama would help you come up with the best and classiest comebacks of all time.

15. You could change your signature in emails to this:

And no one would have a problem with it.

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