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15 Signs You Stopped Caring a Long Time Ago


After a while, some of the things that used to matter to you just sort of stopped being important. Sometimes, that can be a good thing (and other times, not so much).

1. You go to class in your pajamas

Let’s be honest—a bunch of people in your lecture hall actually bothered getting dressed in the morning just to fall asleep. So what’s the big deal if you come to class already dressed to do so?

2. Late to class? Whatever

Whether it’s two minutes or twenty minutes, there’s already no chance of you getting there on time.

3. You sing as loud as you want to in the shower

Are there other people around? Sure. So why not bless them with your vocal talent?

4. Trying more than once to do something right doesn’t phase you

A single failure—or two, or three—doesn’t make you feel like you should give up. No matter how many people see you lose or how often you hear “no,” you’re not scared to try again.

5. In the dining hall, you sneak out more than a couple desserts

Honestly, for the amount of tuition money you’re paying, you deserve that entire tray of cookies (and probably three or four more).

6. Improvisation is second nature to you

Dropped one of your chopsticks on the ground? Fine, go grab a clean pencil instead.

7. Your hoodie collection has outgrown any other set of clothing you own

Red on Monday, black on Tuesday and who even knows what shirt you’re wearing underneath? Scratch that, who knows if you’re wearing a shirt underneath at all? Hoodies rock!

8. Netflix asks you if you’re still watching

I know it’s been 13 straight hours of Grey’s Anatomy, Netflix. Stop judging!

9. Class at 10:30 means waking up at 10

The later you wake up, the later you can go to bed, too. It’s a win-win!

10. You don't remember what organization is

Your room might be a bit messy, but that’s just because there’s way too much in your head to fit into a neat pile or a stack of folders. After all, Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Preach.

11. You’re a master at skimming readings

Shoot, chapter three was due today? Well, there’s like 20 minutes left before class... no problem!

12. Your weekly planner is blank, but it’s not because you’re not doing anything

You trust your memory enough not to double-book (and sometimes, your trust is really misplaced in those situations).

13. Eating alone at the dining hall doesn’t worry you

Everyone remembers how most freshmen travel in packs, and it’s probably because going places alone can be pretty scary when you don’t know anyone or you’re new to a place. But for you, it’s no biggie—food is food, even if you have to eat it alone.

14. You don't bother taking those "artsy" candid photos for Instagram

To you, Instagram is an anthology of your life. It doesn't have to be so carefully curated!

15.Other people's opinions don't phase you

It's their business what their opinion of you is. Your business is to live your life without giving AF.

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