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8 Times Corinne Embarrassed Herself During This Week's 'Bachelor'


The Bachelor's Corinne is an expert in embarrassing herself, but in this week's episode, she took it to a whole other level. From a whipped cream fail to a racy romp in an oddly-placed bouncy castle, here are 8 times even I felt embarrassed for Corinne.

1. When she decided to “turn on the sex charm” with a can of whipped cream and a trench coat

Nick shut this down before she could ever even take her trench coat off.

2. When she cried in the bathroom because Nick wouldn’t lick whipped cream off her body more than once

Corinne just knew she was going home after this. But psych!

3. When she went to bed rather than participating in the rose ceremony

The snoring. The snoring CORINNE.

4. When she tried to learn “planned dancing”

That’s called choreography, Corinne. You may not be able to dance, but you could at least learn the terminology.

5. When she cried in the bathroom…AGAIN

Get out of the bathroom. It’s unsettling.

6. And fell asleep during the group date

Corinne’s life is sooo hard, you guys.

7. When she mounted Nick in an unexplained bouncy castle

I was thrilled to see a pink bouncy castle outside the Bachelor mansion. But then Nick and Corinne practically had sex in it, and the feeling was gone.

8. And then fell asleep again

It’s all in a day’s work for Corinne.

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