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15 Struggles of Being the Homebody of Your Friend Group


When you're the homebody of your friend group, there are just certain things that your BFFs will never understand about you (or stop teasing you about). We love our extroverted besties more than life, but we also cherish our alone time––probably more than we could ever put into words. Read below for the 15 struggles that every homebody of the friend group can understand:

Explaining to your friends that you actually enjoy doing nothing

"What are you doing?""Nothing... but like the good kind of nothing––if that makes sense?"

Creating the perfect excuse to cancel your plans

Because your friends are on to all of your tricks at this point.

The irrational fear that you're going to end up alone because you never want to leave the house

How can we meet Mr. or Mrs. Right from our bedroom?

Being dragged out of the house by your roommates for a "great time"

Ha, sure. We bet this is going to be sooooo much fun... *sigh*

Counting down the seconds until you can go home

Oh, would you look at that! It's midnight, we have to get to bed.

Politely rejecting your BFFs when they invite you to sleep over

It's not that we don't love you, we just love our home a little bit more.

Realizing how lame you are

But you just wouldn't want it any other way. HOME is your ideal environment.

Balancing all of your at-home activities

Should you read? Watch a movie? Get lost in your thoughts?

Accepting that you're referred to as the "anti-social" friend

Hey, someone has to take on that role.

Recommending books to your BFFs that you know they'll never read

They'll honestly never understand what they're missing out on.

The oh-so-regular late-night wake ups from your drunk roommates

Can you at least try to be quiet when you come home at 2 a.m.?

Your snooze button is your ultimate bae

Do we really have to leave our bed this morning?

Putting on jeans is the ultimate struggle

When will it be acceptable to wear oversized sweats in public?

"Wow, I'm shocked to see you here!!!"

You hear from numerous people––every single time you go to a party or the bar.

Defending yourself when people give you shit for staying in all weekend

Leave me alone, okay!? ITS. MY. LIFE.

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