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17 Signs You're So Over Online Dating


You know people in real life who have successfully found a partner through dating apps or websites. After some hesitation, you decided to download Tinder, Bumble and anything else you could get your hands on thinking, "Why not?" Well… Now, tbh you're ~the most~ over online dating, and you can think of several reasons why.

1. You regularly delete the apps because you tell yourself you enjoy being single.

Psh, who needs them?! Besides, by deleting the apps, you have more space on your phone for photos of your dog.

2. But every so often, the single life feels kind of boring. 

When you're bored, you make the mistake of downloading the apps again.

3. But you're frustrated by the surface-level interactions.

Like, these people only saw your photos and MAYBE read your one-sentence bio. They'll never understand you.

4. So when one of your matches suggests that he finds you cool or interesting, you quickly call him out. 

How could he like you based on a few text messages?! Not possible.

5. You also feel hesitant to reveal personal information to these random people on your phone screen.

Why does this guy think he needs to know where you go to college or what you do in your free time?

6. When someone tries to start sexting, you act like you don't know what he's talking about.

Send a pic? OKAY. *sends random photo of the sunset*

7. You have no tolerance for "come over" messages anymore.

Tinder match: "I'm coming over." You: "I didn't invite you."

8. So you have an endless list of not-so-great excuses for when people want to meet up.

You honestly don't even know why you're using these dating apps anymore.

9. When a match asks you what you're using the app for, you don't have a good answer.

You honestly have no idea.

10. You know that online dating works for some people.

Several friends of yours successfully met people online.

11. And that just confuses you even more.

What are you doing wrong?!

12. You just keep matching with people who you are not compatible with in any way.

Someone make it stop.

13. Yet they're so persistent.

No, you don't want to hang out. Was that not clear the three other times you said it?

14. You spend a lot of time swiping—left, that is.

You know those people who furiously swipe right on pretty much everyone? Yeah, you're basically the opposite of that.

15. You try to be witty, but all of your matches still just say "Hey" or "What's up?"

Why do you even try anymore?

16. Feeling hopeless, you try other methods of engaging in conversation.

And you fail, of course.

17. You're not sure you'll ever understand.

Maybe it's time to give up on online dating. 

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