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16 Things That Need to Be Left in 2016


2016 had its great moments—the first plus size Barbie was released, Joe Biden memes graced our world, and people are actually starting to believe that climate change is a thing. But, it also wasn’t the greatest year on record. Here are 16 things that need to be left in 2016.

1. Teva x Ugg

No, just no.

2. High-fashion Crocs

Actually, Crocs should have been left in 2002.

3. The presidential election

Don’t even get us started.

4. #TightsAsTops

We don’t even know why this is a thing.

5. Threatening to leave the country when things go wrong

How about staying and facing your problems?

6. Fake news stories

And believing them. Check your sources!

7. Police shootings 

This isn’t going to solve anything.

8. Anti-feminism

Let’s be women empowering other women.

9. Body shaming

Like some designers refusing to style plus size model Ashley Graham for her Vogue shoot. 

10. Injustice towards sexual assault survivors

Like trying to pay them to withdraw their Title IX complaints. Disgusting.

11. Disturbing hazing rituals

This frat had pledges throwing up on each other. That’s just so wrong.

12. Bra inserts being used as makeup sponges

Bras are for your boobs, not your face.

13. Yik Yak

Anonymous threats aren’t really our thing.

14. Nutella as hair dye

Stop this madness.

15. Wishing for an abortion

You may have heard of Lena Dunham’s comment that she wished she had an abortion... yeah, abortion isn't a joke, no matter where you stand on the issue.

16. Blatant racism

Racism in any form is bad, especially when YouTube star Saleh got kicked off a flight for speaking Arabic

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