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12 Things You're Only Dumb Enough to Do on New Year's Eve


New Year's Eve—when party-hopping, firework-watching and champagne-drinking are the only ways to ring in the new year. Tbh, it also has us doing some pretty stupid things. From unrealistic resolutions to popping bottles like there's no tomorrow, here are 12 things you're only dumb enough to do on NYE (at least we hope). 

1. Send obnoxious mass text messages wishing everyone a happy New Year

2. Dedicate your entire night to finding the perfect lip-lock partner for midnight

3. Incorporate glitter into EVERYTHING

4. Drunk-text your emotions to people 

5. Decide on the most unrealistic New Year's resolutions 

6. Drink a disgusting amount of champagne 

7. Post a super-emotional status about the past year—on every social media outlet possible

8. Kiss someone you don't like, just because  

9. Or kiss your ex when the ball drops, just because

10. Get stupidly shitfaced 

11. Stay up 'til midnight when you'd much rather be asleep

12. Drunkenly confess everything to everyone before the year ends 

Yep, that sounds about right. Have a wonderful New Year's, collegiettes!

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