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15 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn't Anyone's Year


A lot of shit happened in 2016. Like a lot. Some things were bad (laughable, even), and others were much, much worse. The only thing left to do is hope that 2017 doesn't leave us feeling like this (shit). Here are 15 reasons why 2016 just wasn't anyone's year. 

1. The world couldn't stfu about Harambe 

 The world just took it too dang far. Very 2016. 

2. The Chewbacca Mask Lady made her claim to fame

By laughing. Literally nothing else. 

3. The historical first meeting between the President and Raul Castro went down like this

And the whole world cringed. 

4. The world continued to be sexist as hell, even for Olympians

Because duh. 

5. Ryan Lochte was the literal worst and no one seemed to care

Definition: 2016. 

6. Meanwhile, gift-from-God Gabby Douglas didn't put her hand on her heart, and the world was so extra about it 

Because of course. 

7. Colin Kaepernick protested institutional racism, and all the racists were offended

Especially Kate Upton, apparently. 

8. Brexit…that happened

Yeah, good luck with that one. 

9. Taylor Swift had poor Tom Hiddleston for a hot sec 

Thank goodness he got away while he could. 

10. Brangelina came to its necessary ruin 

Looks like your story is over then, LOL. 

11. Pokémon Go took over everyone's life 

For like five minutes and then we were bored again. 

12. Britney made a "comeback"

It was pretty uncomfortable. 

13. Kanye endorsed Donald Trump in the middle of a concert

Well you both have now. 

14. And met with Trump like a week later 

Like the world needed a reason to hate him more. 

15. Trump

Not anymore we don't. 

*prays for 2017*

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