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21 Events That Made 2016 The Worst


As 2016 finally comes to an end, it’s safe to say that your heart has shriveled into a black lump and all you can do is listen to Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance on repeat. Everything about the last 12 months was savage, and let’s hope that 2017 doesn’t have the same thirst for chaos that 2016 did. BYE.

1. When the world decided to take David Bowie and Alan Rickman just four days apart from each other

2. Oh, and don’t forget Glenn Frey, Harper Lee, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder and George Michael

3. Zika, sadly

4. When Harambe was shot, but his spirit lived on in thousands of memes across Tumblr

5. When two-year-old boy was killed by a gator in Walt Disney World, because dreams don’t come true

6. When the Orlando shooting took 49 beautiful people from us

7. That morning everyone woke up and found out that Britain exited the EU

8. When a terrorist attack by truck killed 84 people on Bastille Day in Nice, France

9. That time Ryan Lochte got away with being the worst. Why? WHY?!

10. The fact that too much happened in Syria for us to fit in one article

11. A creepy clown craze happened, because things can’t be normal

12. Every second of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

13. When Donald Trump tweeted this:

14. And this:

15. When Michelle Obama told us she’d never run for President

16. Vine shut down, and everyone felt extra

17. The audacity that anyone would let Dakota Access Pipeline would be a thing

18. Every nefarious thing Trump and Putin have done

19. Aleppo was brutally crushed

20. Global warming

21. Oh, and Carrie Fisher died while this article was being written

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