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15 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Half-Jewish


People's reactions to your religion can range anywhere from accepting to outright offensive. If you meet some who is half-Jewish, please don't even bother saying any of the following:

1. You can't be half a religion.

2. Can't you only be Jewish if your mom is Jewish?

3. So, which religion are you more of?

4. It's so not fair that you celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

5. So you get, like, double the presents right?

6. Do you have to go to temple and church?

7. Which religion is more fun?

8. You're just saying that because you want to celebrate more holidays.

9. How much money did you get from your Bat Mitzvah?

10. You're not a real Jew unless you're a full Jew.

11. If you're only half Jewish, why is your hair so curly?

12. Shouldn't your nose be bigger?

13. You don't even look Jewish.

14. You're so lucky!

15. What religion are your kids going to be?

Whatever religion you are, remember to be mindful of everyone around you. Religion is a personal choice!

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