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The 15 Stages of Trying to Find a Good Man, As Told By Schmidt


Finding a good man is hard AF, especially in the age of Tinder swipes and Instagram likes. Seriously, do gentlemen even exist anymore? While the journey to find your Prince Charming might seem hopeless, collegiettes, we're here to tell you it's not. Good men are still out there—you just have to kiss a few frogs on the journey to your prince. Read below for the 15 stages of finding a good man, as told by Schmidt from New Girl.

1. You think everyone is the one

Until the one you thought was the one proves he isn't the one at all. 

2. You question your entire childhood

Why did our childhood taint us with false conceptions of love?

3. All of your friends seem to find love before you

"When the f**k is it my turn?"

4. You look for a good guy everywhere

But come up short every time. 

5. You let a loser treat you bad

Because deep down, you hope he'll change. News flash: he won't.

6. You try way harder than you should sometimes

Until you remind yourself you don't have to beg for anything you can get for free.

7. You question if you will actually be single forever

You won't. Calm down and drink a glass of wine.

8. You begin to think of the male species as a lost cause

Rightfully so, but there is always a diamond in the rough.

9. You fall more in love with pizza every day

Pizza will always be there for you. 

10. You embrace being a single girl

Hello! You are a hot commodity.

11. You start to realize what actually matters and what doesn't

That guy who keeps sliding into your DMs? Probably not the one. That guy who's been your friend for a few years now? Major BAE potential. 

12. You also start to call out your own relationship mistakes

Thinking the Instagram douchebag was going to become your bae was maybe, possibly, definitely not reasonable. 

13. You also start to question the guys you used to be attracted to

Me: He's a complete asshole and not even that cute. Me to me: Fall in love with him.

14. You embrace your inner Beyoncé

And focus on yourself, by yourself, for yourself.

15. You stop looking altogether

And suddenly, you find the one! At least that's what they say.

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