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17 Reasons Why You Regret Going Home for the Holidays


Every year, we can't wait to finish those finals, pack our bags and head home for winter break. The holidays are here, full of snowy spirit, rich food and friends from home. While there are some perks to temporarily moving back in with the fam—*cough* laundry—sometimes you regret spending a whole month back in the house under your family's watchful eye. 

Here are 17 reasons why sometimes you wish you'd never left school.

1. The lack of privacy with what you're doing.

2. Having to validate your major when relatives ask, "And what do you plan to do with that?" 

3. Admitting to your high school friends (yet again) that you are still single.

4. Having to explain the modern English language to your family.

5. Running into people from your high school you never wanted to see again. 

6. Getting all too familiar with your relatives' political views. 

7. Missing your college squad and all your shenanigans.

8. Having to actually sit down at the table to enjoy a nice meal instead of vegging on the couch.

9. Socializing too much in a two-week span. 

10. Forgetting "essential" pieces of clothing in your dorm.

11. Being misunderstood by your family. 

13. Middle school flashbacks from being in your old room. 

14. Repeatedly asking yourself, "What is there to DO around here?" 

15. Becoming the personal chauffer/shopper/wrapper. 

16. Getting into bad habits before you start the new semester. 

Homework? College?

17. Home being so wonderful that you never want to go back to college. 

Have a fabulous winter break, collegiettes!

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