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DIY Face Masks For Every Day Of The Week


Keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy often seems difficult and time consuming, but with a fun skin care routine and a different face mask for every day of the week, you’ll be able to find some time in your busy schedule for skin care! These easy DIY face masks are easy enough to fit into any busy schedule, and will have you on track for a great skincare routine. Plus these facemasks won’t break your bank. Even better? The majority of the products used to create them you will be able to find out home!

1. Sunday: Relaxing Raw Honey Face Mask


We all know Sundays are the day of rest and relaxation. So what better way to start off your week than with a relaxing honey face mask? The trick to this mask is that it uses natural raw honey which leaves your skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Honey is perfect for your skin, and the sticky clean-up isn't too bad!

2. Monday: Nutella Face Mask

You already know there are tons of Nutella recipes out there, but did you know about this one? What better way to kick off a dreary Monday than with an edible chocolate face mask? Why does Nutella work? Well, the key is cocoa powder. Cocoa not only gives you that sweet boast of energy, but it also wakes up your skin. The best part about this face mask is that it doesn’t just smell great, it tastes even better. Plus, it’s perfectly okay to eat some Nutella too...before it goes on your face of course.

3. Tuesday: Avocado Face Mask

Who isn't obsessed with avocados? Not only do they taste amazing, they work super well as a face mask. The process is really simple to make this refreshing mask, just a lot of smashing and then some applying to the face. See? Three days into the week isn't too bad. 

4.  Wednesday: Peel Off Mask

It’s hump day! And you are halfway through your week, so a peel off mask is the way to go. Not only is the ability to peel the mask right off your face super satisfying, but this mask is also perfect for blackhead removal. The feeling of pulling away all your blackheads is just so satisfying...seriously.

5. Thursday: Coffee Face Mask  

Thursday is the final push of the week, it’s almost the weekend. Not only will you need an extra cup of coffee to make it through the day, but your face could use an extra wake up call as well. Coffee within the mask will wake up and brighten your skin, having you looking fab for the weekend. Caffeine is always the secret.

6. Friday: Fruit Face Mask

What better way to start your Friday than with some sweet, fresh fruit? Fruits hydrate us! Why do we crave sweet watermelon on a hot sunny day? Hydration! This mask is a blend of different fruits; however, the recipe can be substituted with any fruits you chose, so feel free to get creative.

7. Saturday: Matcha Green Tea Face Mask

As the week comes to an end, settle your skin with a relaxing matcha green tea face mask. This mask will settle and smooth your skin after a long week. We all know that a cup of green tea is the way to go when we need relaxation, and it works the same for your face! This weekly skincare routine will have your skin looking flawless.

By the end of the week your face will be looking and feeling absolutely fabulous! Who knew that our favorite foods like Nutella and avocados can be used to improve our facial glow!

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