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15 Pictures of Cuddling Puppies to Get You Through Finals


As winter inches closer and closer, and the holiday spirit begins to take over our bodies (which already left us stuffed from Thanksgiving), exams and papers become more and more anguishing to us and make us want to hide out in our beds for hibernation before going home.  But, never fear, collegiettes, somehow we find that force and will to live (for the next two weeks) and crank out that paper, even when it doesn't make too much sense and go over what seems to be endless notes for that exam; but, that force can only be exerted through continual visions of distraction, namely puppies! Seeing the cuddling faces of such innocent little beings softens us so much that we are motivated to push through finals so that we can adopt the little furry animals for ourselves!

1. I mean, can you EVEN 

2. Awwww!

3. Not the eyes!! It's too much!

4. The one arm over the shoulder during sleep is a true testament to friendship.

5. Cuddling like there's no tomorrow.

6. Sometimes a good bed is all you need (and it's what we will all be dreaming of these next couple of weeks).

7. Stuffed animals make us all fall asleep faster, so don't bring one to your exam.

8. Keep giving face! Work it!

9. Not the sad faces!

10. Heart-shaped hugs do the most romantic naps make.

11. A smile is worth a thousand barks.

12. *Stop fidgeting*

13. Kisses and smooches!

14. Air hugs!

15. Now pose for the camera...click...click

So, collegiettes... Look at cute puppies, and keep calm during the finals season!

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